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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Airing of Grievances

Holla back 2012! This will be my first post since 2011. OK, I know, it's almost February. What can I say, I've been mad busy, yo! I just winged my way back from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico just a few days ago. If anyone is thinking of going there, it's awesome. I've never wanted to stay somewhere so badly in my life.

I have so many fun posts lined up, but I'm going to switch it up and start with the bad. I love traveling, but I hate getting to wherever I'm visiting. I guess you could say I'm not a fan of the transport.  Airfare prices are so high these days, and to get from Point A to Point B ain't so easy. This is my story of my flight home from Cabo - or, as I like to call it, the airing of my grievances to Continental/United Airlines.

After bidding farewell to our travel buddies (yes, there were tears), the attendant checking us in told us that our flight was 2 hours delayed due to weather. I checked the Continental website several times before leaving  and not once did it reflect the change in time for the flight. When I said that to the attendant, he simply shrugged and stated "you should have called." Bad move. That could have been two hours of extra pool time. We were now 5 hours early for our 5 hour flight.

After a very long and drawn out lunch (in a Mexican airport mind you), perusal of every gift shop, and a stop by the Duty-Free, our plane finally arrived. I'll spare you the details of my whining and disgruntled-ness. It was bad. By time time economy class passengers started to board (after Business and Elite customers had boarded), the airline staff had completely given up. It was a free for all. I was hit in the head by a passenger who was fighting to put his bag in the overhead bin. I thought people were going to go crazy.  

After settling in we learn that due to FAA union regulations, the flight attendants (who were the most unhelpful flight attendants I have ever met) might have to be put up in a hotel due to their working over 16 hours. A very nervous flight attendant got on the PA system and stated "we are crunching the numbers to see if we can even get this flight off the ground tonight for you customers". Seriously? Did you even go to flight attendant school? Talk about causing mass hysteria. I was about to pop open my travel size PatrĂ³n shooter. 

After said "numbers were crunched", we were able to take off around 9:00pm EST time, arriving to our destination roughly 1:00am. We were home at 4:00am. Ridiculousness. We left 3.5 hours after our intended time. I understand weather happens and there can be delays, but the Continental/United staff was in no way accommodating to their guests. It's not our fault the plane arrived late. At least they waived the fee on the DirectTV.
Best believe they got a complaint letter! Don't they know I write a really influential travel blog? :)

xoxo mevans