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Friday, February 17, 2012

Kickin' it in Cabo: Review of Hilton Los Cabos

I hope you enjoyed the update on the airing of my grievances. Let's move on to the real deal on our trip to Cabo. I'll start off with our stay at Hilton Los Cabos.

This is really the most beautiful hotel I have ever stayed at (and it helped that we used our rewards points). The lobby is airy and open. A big fountain marks the center of the lobby square. The rooms are spacious and well decorated.  The hotel is a mix of the traditional Hilton elegance with a modern Mexican flair. 
The Hilton Los Cabos will not disappoint. The staff is amazing! In every way this hotel is a 5 star resort, from the service to the accommodations. We even received a complimentary upgrade to an Ocean View suite upon check-in. Like seriously, I woke up to waves crashing on the beach every morning. That's the way to start any day, in my opinion.

The grounds are absolutely amazing. We spent most of our time lounging by the infinity pool, or on the beach. My pictures probably don't even do the place justice. It was pretty sweet. The food is TO DIE for also. You can sign me up for nachos and shrimp tacos by the pool any day. Oh, and frozen mojitos at noon every day? You can sign me up for those too.

Hilton Los Cabos gets the EE (Expedition Evans, of course) stamp of approval. If I ever visit Cabo again, this is the first place I will look to stay. I was very impressed with the service and the hotel in general. I'll let the pics speak for themselves:

 The Lobby (above) 
 View from the beach (above)

 Pool area (above and below)

(SIGH) I miss you Hilton Los Cabos!

xoxo mevans

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Airing of Grievances, Part Deux

So remember how I aired my grievances to United/Continental? Well, they did hear me. Just not as loud as I had hoped. It was wishful thinking that I would score some free vouchers or points or SOMETHING for my travel troubles. Alas, alls I got was a short, albeit polite email from Cindie (yes, with an "ie", pretentious much?), stating "we never want to disrupt your travel plans, however despite our best preparations, flight disruptions are sometimes unavoidable." Umm duh, didn't I say that in my original email and blog post? She seriously needs to read my blog. She did acknowledge the slipshod customer service though, so I guess she got the point in the end. 

On the flip side of the coin, I pointed out a mistake Hilton made on my reservation, and they awarded me with a nice amount of bonus points for pointing out their error. Once again, you rock Hilton!

Has anyone else aired any grievances lately?

xoxo mevans