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Friday, December 16, 2011

Planning Pains

So I'm trying to plan a trip to Italy. I usually devise the plans for our vacays with much ease (I'm nerdy like that anyway) - but I'm having a really hard time planning this trip. We've figured out when we want to go - but necessarily where exactly - Italy is a big country, and it's not really that cheap to get there and get around in it. I'm trying to figure out logistically how to make all this work on the budget and time frame that we have.

There are a few package deals out there, but most are for Rome, Venice, and Florence city tours. These deals aren't bad deals, just not deals that match my budget and my liking. The Trip Advisor reviews on some of these tours leave a lot to be desired. I believe the words "flea infested hotel" was found in one of the reviews. A-no-thank-you.

So if there's anyone out there that can provide me with some suggestions of at least where to start, I greatly appreciate it!

xoxo mevans

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